O'Hare Testing

O'hare COVID Testing

CHSD117 is now providing COVID-19 at each building through a program called O'hare

  1. The District will supply you with enough test kits for the rest of this semester. Additional tests are available in the nurse’s office.

  1. Your test needs to be returned to the marked box in the nurse’s office, no later than 9 AM on Tuesdays. Drop and go.

  1. The first shipment, to the testing lab, is Tuesday, November 9.

  1. Once the sample is taken, it must be tested within 72 hours. Your sample should be taken the evening before the pick-up or the morning of the pick-up.

  1. The test swabs can be used for nasal samples or cheek samples. Instructions are attached. There are also instructions in your test kit.

  1. If you do not turn your sample in on time, you will need to test somewhere else and provide the result.

  1. Please legibly write the following information on the provided label. If the information is missing, or cannot be read, results cannot be reported. Place the label on the vial.

  1. Name

  2. Date of Birth

  3. Employee Number (Substitute Driver’s License number for a family member)

  1. Please make sure you complete the online consent form so your test can be processed by the lab and you can get your results. Any testing family member(s) will also need to complete the online consent form.

Antioch Community HS

Lisa McKavis-Nurse


(847) 395-9176

Lakes Community HS

Serena Ray-Nurse


(847) 838-7117